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Venice Private Experience: 

Masterclass of Glass in Murano

If you are coming to Venice, you can't miss this amazing private experience inside the best "Vetreria" on the island!

The art of glass is an ancient art, started originally in Venice, around 1271.
After the devasting fires caused by the kilns, The Maggior Consiglio of Venice decided to move all the shops on the island of Murano.
The little island of Murano became the place of choice for glass processing!
A furnace is like an ancient Renaissance workshop: the work is incessant.
The creativity of the masters is intertwined with the knowledge of the materials, the tools, with the desire of the customers and with the obedience of the assistants of the master glassmakers.
The experience of centuries of history lives on in the glass masters.
Their works are now placed in important museums and at the offices of Heads of State.

Among the different furnaces on the island, we have our favorite which is spectacular and which organizes a Masterclass of Glass to leave everyone speechless!

The glass school allows you to see first-hand, alongside the most important Masters of Glassmakers, the ancient art of glass processing, of which the Vetreria is today one of the most authentic and important performers in all of Murano. 
They have the largest and most equipped furnace of the island. 
High-tech and safety ovens can reach a temperature of 1500 °C, ideal for forging works of the highest quality.
The furnace has several ovens inside it: those for glass processing, ovens for cooling called “muffles” and ovens for heating with plates. 
Every object needs its oven (if you make a chandelier, a sculpture or a glass, the master glassmaker works on different ovens).

This PRIVATE EXPERIENCE lasts around 1 hour and a half. 

A private boat will pick you up near your hotel and you will have a private ride to the Vetreria.
They will welcome you and introduce you to the world of Glass.
You will meet the Master Glassmaker, who will present the furnace and the tools used. You will have a practical demonstration of how glass is worked.
You will have the opportunity to create your own glass object, under the guidance of the master.
The tools that Glass Masters use to manipulate glass have remained unchanged over the centuries.
It is still used today the “ferro sbuso” or barrel which is the main tool for working glass: a metal tube where the glass bolus is placed inside the oven and then blows. Then there are the “bronzino” to shape the glass, the pliers, the tagiante (a sort of scissor to cut) and the pontoon.
Then you will visit the Gallery and the works that have made the history of Murano glass.
You will admire the historic horses, clowns, mirrors & fine chandeliers made of glass.
The tour also gives you the opportunity to admire the sculptures of contemporary art born from collaboration in the past years of master glassmakers with important international artists such as Picasso and Braque. You will see historical collector’s items or glasses that have made their appearance in films and historical paintings.
At the end of the lesson, you will receive a certificate of participation.
After 24 hours, the object you create will be delivered at your hotel in Venice.

The course is open to everybody: adults and children from 7 years.


Discover our incredible private tour

Doge Palace

Best of Venice in one day

Today you will discover the best of Venice with your private guide.

You can choose to do many things​ during your walking tour:
You will explore the beauty of ​Piazza San Marco - the very heart of Venice.

You will admire the city's landmarks, including the Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Basilica, the Campanile and the many arcaded buildings around the square. 

You can enter the Doge's Palace - Residence of the Doge and Venice's seat of government. 
This Palace was the example of the Republic's maritime and commercial power. 
The ornate facade features an arcaded loggia, and your interior tour takes in the famous Golden Staircase, the Great Council Chamber, other historic rooms, and paintings by Tintoretto and Veronese. 

You will see the Bridge of Sighs - one of Venice's most photographed landmarks. 

Many people think that the Bridge of Sighs, or Ponte Dei Sospiri in Italian, gets its name from the sighs of love-struck couples when they see the pretty little Venetian bridge.   

But nothing could be further from the truth as the bridge actually takes its name from sighs of despair, depression, and desolation as the Bridge links the Doge's Palace with the old prison dungeons.

You can decide to visit any other Museum, such as the Guggenheim Collection  Museums, the Correr  Museum,  the Museum of Natural History & others upon request.



Murano & Burano

Today you will discover the best of Venice with your private guide.

This morning you will start early from your hotel with your private guide. You will take a private boat to the little island of Murano.
You will have the possibility to explore one of the best Murano Private Fornace, far away from the touristic tracks.
Be treated like royalty, leave the tourists hordes behind and glide through picturesque canals and Venice's lagoon to the island of glass on a private boat.
See the ancient craft of glassmaking, protected for centuries in one of Venice's most illustrious glass artisan workshops. The pride of the artisans is palpable as you have a guided introduction through private galleries displaying the very best Murano has to offer from finely crafted sumptuous palace chandeliers and museum-worthy classic Venetian mirrors to stunning modern masterworks in the glass.
Then you will be transferred with a private boat to the little island of Burano, the colorful island of lace.

It is a wonderful place to visit and – summer or winter – it never fails to delight.
With a population of less than 3,000 hardy souls, it a densely built-up little island interwoven by canals filled with colorful fishing boats that match the bright houses.

Apart from being highly photogenic – it is famous for its lacework. As you stroll through the island’s labyrinthine, narrow streets, you will see many ladies sitting in the sun, chatting with their neighbors, while making the delicate Burano lace. Dating from around the 16th century, it is part of the island’s history. It's here that you will have an amazing lunch in a local restaurant, where you will taste the best of the Venetian food!
Then you will take the private boat back to Venice.

You can decide also to add a private Masterclass of Glass in Murano and other authentic experiences upon request.




Venice Concept Exclusive Experience 

Your day in Venice is completely customizable and among the many touristic experiences, you can decide to discover some of the Venetian off-the-beaten-path.

You will spend your day with a Venetian Artist. He will let you enter his amazing house to discover his best pieces. Then he will take you to wonderful spots around the city and hidden corners. You will discover the authenticity of the Italian and Venice gourmet tradition by experiencing a journey through its branded food and wine high-quality products.